The Vicious Cycle of Under-Investment

I got to experience the “Vicious Cycle of Under Investment” several times in 2016 while consulting for several companies that, amazingly, still insist on trying to be competitive while utilizing antiquated methods, machines, and materials.  Most of them listened to me and escaped that cycle for good.  Excellent.  Some did not listen and are therefore still stuck wasting money in their efforts to actually save it. Continue reading

Processing Decorative and Functional Waterborne Coatings

Waterborne coatings are environmentally-friendly and provide exceptional appearance and functionality. For many applications, waterborne chemistries offer equal to or better cosmetic and physical performance properties than solvent-borne. The advantages of waterborne coatings include high-gloss retention, scratch-resistance, high dry film thickness and ease-of-use. Continue reading

Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Benefits With Drug Master Files

Manufacturers that use custom polymer solutions, compounds, colorants and plastic additive masterbatches in the medical or pharmaceutical markets may benefit greatly by using a Drug Master File (DMF). DMFs are important because they contain information on the chemistry, manufacturing and specifications of several packaging components used for certain medical products. Continue reading

Lower Pad Printing Operational Costs with Electric Machines

I spend a lot of time discussing the technical advantages of all electric versus pneumatic pad printing equipment. Speed. Flexibility. Control. In doing so, I often overlook our most fundamental advantage. The elimination of the wasteful generation and use of compressed air for machine power. It may not sound as sexy as the other benefits, but read on and I’ll show you just how all electric TOSH equipment can save you money every cycle, every day. Continue reading